A Gentle Kiss of Blue Light

Photograph taken with a Fujifilm X-30 mirrorless camera without a tripod. Photo by Β©Omar Upegui R.

12 thoughts on “A Gentle Kiss of Blue Light”

    1. Morning Joe:

      Thank you Joe. I’m lately dipping my toes into light photography using small ring tinted flashes. The results are quite interesting. And I’m getting acquainted with the new Fujifilm X-30 camera as well.



  1. Morning Barbara,

    It was an interesting experiment using a flash ring with a plastic blue diffuser. I’m glad you enjoyed the shot. Flowers are always a great subject to photograph.



    1. Morning Linda,

      Ansel Adams once said, “When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. Whe images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.”

      Since I’m not very good with words, I’m looking for a way out with images. If they don’t work out, then silence will be my next and final option.

      In the meantime I’m having a ball with images. There’s so much to learn out there.

      Thank you for your kind and generous comments. They mean a lot to me.



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