Whatever It Takes

Some passionate photographers will do whatever it takes to nail a perfect shot.  This passion is admirable and I wish I had it inside me.  I am deeply inclinded towards photography, not certainly not to extent some photographers are.  For example, I’ve read about photojournalists that have sacrified their lives as war correspondents to take pictures of the war.  Even as they die, they are clicking the shutter button.  This is what I mean by “Whatever it takes”.

Below are pictures of photographers in action showing their intense passion for the trade.  I tip my hat for their dedication, bold courage and relentless efforts to take the perfect picture.

Credit: 500ISO
Credit: Unkown
Credit: Unknown

“Some photographers are just more determined than others. Whether it’s laying down on the concrete, going chest-deep in swamp water, or jumping out of an airplane with a smartphone at the ready, these photographers are doing whatever it takes to get that “perfect” shot.”  Good Day.

Source:  21 Photographers Doing Whatever It Takes to Get the Perfect Shot by DL Cade


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