Shopping With Mommy

Mom and her small children doing some shopping at El Dorado Shopping Mall in Panama City, Panama, one lazy Sunday morning. Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.

5 thoughts on “Shopping With Mommy”

  1. What a beautifully balanced composition, Omar. The focus clearly is on the little girl — the men on the right turned away, the mother and second child in slight shadow. This is one of my favorites of your portraits.

  2. Morning Linda,

    This was an accidental picture shot while I was roaming through the Chinese section of El Dorado Shopping Mall. I requested permission to the mother to take their picture; the mom said yes and immediately I took the shot before she changed her mind. All the pieces fell into place by chance.

    I’m glad you enjoyed the exposure. BTW, the picture was taken with my new Fujifilm X-30 mirrorless camera and processed with Pixlr photo edition software.



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