Sign announcing the opening of a new hardware store in Panama City, Panama near our neighborhood. The construction boom continues in this vibrant metropolis. Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.

6 thoughts on “Signs”

  1. That’s a nice photo of a great sign. It’s simple, and eye-catching. Too many signs around here get cluttered with too much information and decoration. This is better, I think.

  2. What caught my eye while I was entering El Machetazo Supermarket was the brightness of the colors and the size of the sign. It’s huge. Could easily be seen at a distance.

    Panama City is growing very fast; faster than I can keep track of. It’s a sign that I’m getting old for this ultra accelerated lifestyle metropolis.



  3. It’s happening out west, too, Omar. Chiriqui is growing like crazy. I know just along my bus route there are three large construction projects going on. Signs show they’re going to be shopping areas with signs for Subway. I hope someone decides to put in a Popeyes’s Fried Chicken stand.

    Since I’ve moved into this little town of Boqueron over three years ago they’ve added a Banco Nacional. One of the building projects I mentioned is on the route down to the Inter American Hwy. Two years ago they built a “barriada” with at LEAST 50 houses, almost all of which are inhabited now.

    Much of the land on both sides of the 2.5 kilometers from the Inter American to my house is now cattle grazing land, but I’ve talked to other passengers on the bus and with taxi drivers and other passengers that five years from now it will be nothing but houses along the road. Everyone agrees with me.

    Boquete has been growing like crazy since I got here and it’s NOT going to slow down since they expanded the country road to a four-lane highway recently. As much as we’d sometimes like to, and as often as it would be beneficial to society at large, you can’t stop development.

  4. I’m afraid that is the natural cycle of human development. As the population increases, so does the construction of “barriadas”, malls, theaters, roads, parks, supermarkets, highways, parking spaces and so on and so forth.

    When I watch the evening news, I see that the whole country is buzzing with activity. The ferias are packed with people with generous pockets. Yep, we can’t stop urban development.

    Nice to hear from you Richard. I hope all is fine on your side.

    Best Regards,


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