Ice Time 1073 – 02 03 04

Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.

One of the latest fashion trends in Panama is wearing oversized watches.  This applies to both sexes—men and women alike.  I took this shot while riding the Metro last week.  Those who were wearing watches, had these huge time devices on their wrists.  Seemed like robots programmed by the same company.  Do we behave like robots and fashion creators are the software progammers?  It certainly looks that way to me.

As for me, I don’t have a watch.  I use the one in my Chinese Apple iPhone cloned cellphone.  Good Day.

7 thoughts on “Ice Time 1073 – 02 03 04”

  1. Good morning! We certainly are programmed by the powers that be to behave in all sorts of ways, I believe. Would that more people would break out of the stereotypical mold and think for themselves. I don’t mean to be offensive, Omar, please don’t take it in that context. I’m just saying what I see in this world. I’m loving your B&W photos!

    1. Morning Barbara,

      It’s okay to disagree. That’s was makes communication so interesting and rich. We all learn from each other. The ancient Greeks were excellent in exchanging ideas. Socrates was one of them.

      I’m glad you are enjoying my B&W photos.

      Have a beautiful day. It’s nice and bright outside. A cool breeze is leaking through the window.



  2. Morning Desley,

    Some people have the sixth sense of knowing how the wind will blow. You knew what was coming. In marketing this is called “the golden touch”. Steve Jobs had that rare faculty and made millions in the process.



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