Merchants of the Streets

Snapshot of a street peddler posing for the camera at Via España, one of the busiest commercial areas in Panama City. He sells cold beverages (chichas) on a customized bicycle. Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.

Even though this man was wearing working clothes and sandals, he carries himself with an air of dignity and self-assurance.  Give this man a suit and tie, and he could easily be taken for a lawyer, engineer or banker.  I don’t know exactly why, but I have the impression he is original from India.

His hair has grayed gracefully as you can see in the picture.  His face looked as if he needed a razor. This is one of the many faces you will see in this busy and vibrant metropolis called Panama, in the middle of the world.  (Kindly click image to enlarge.) Good Day.


6 thoughts on “Merchants of the Streets”

    1. Panama, as well as the United States, is a melting pot. The Panama Canal attracted people from all over the world. After the construction, they decided to stay here and called Panama their new home.

      Thus we have a population with minorities from many different nationalities. The Indian population is numerous in the country. They are hard-working people and are contibuting greatly to our economy.



  1. Portraiture is a photography genre I love, albeit it requires a lot of patience and knowledge of your subject.

    This man did a terrific job in posing for the camera. I have imagined him with a formal Armani coat and a Italian tie presiding a meeting in a big corporation.



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