Subway Trains

Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.

5 thoughts on “Subway Trains”

  1. Thank you Barbara. I see that you like trains and reflections, not particularly in that order.

    I’m somehow related to trains since I was a kid in a small banana plantation called Changuinola. In front of our house in Farm #8 where we lived, was the main railroad which was the only means of transportation of green bananas to Almirante where they were loaded onto ships headed to either New Orleans or New York on the East Coast.

    Bananas were branded “Chiquita Bananas”, maybe you have heard the name before.

    Yep, I also love trains.

    Best Regards,


  2. Oh, Yes! We have the Chiquita bananas here and they used to have a jingle on television to advertise them. I can’t remember it now but it certainly was catchy, haha. The closest train to me is about one hour and a half away but they are very interesting and used to terrify me as a child thinking about getting on a subway train.

    1. Normally I post color shots, but now and then I switch over to B&W to change the mood and the drama of the pictures. There is definitely a change in the perspective of the scene.



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