Reflections on a Mirror

Reflections of myself on a mirror at the San Miguelito subway station. The reflected photographer is Yours truly with the train in the background. Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.

I’m wearing a popular shirt in Panama known as the “Guayabera”.  It’s main characteristic is that it has four pockets; two on the upper side and two at the bottom.  They are made of a very soft material such as cotton and very comfortable and cool to wear in the hot climate of the Tropics.

The guayabera is a men’s shirt popular in the Caribbean region of Colombia, Cuba, Mexico, Ecuador, Central America, the Caribbean, Southeast Asia, and throughout Africa.  It is also known as a “Wedding Shirt”.

Guayabera may come from a Cuban legend that tells of a poor countryside seamstress sewing large patch-pockets onto her husband’s shirts for carrying guava (guayabas) from the field. Guayabera may also have originated from the word yayabero, the singular nickname for those who lived near the Yayabo River in Cuba.

In my wardrobe I have ten guayaberas in several colors; (e.g., cream, light green and white).  Most of the time I’m wearing a white guayabera with short sleeves, like the one in the picture above.  Perfect for our warm and humid climate in Panama.  Good Day.


4 thoughts on “Reflections on a Mirror”

  1. I’m really fond of photos taken in mirrors. The rear-view mirrors on cars are good, too. The shirt is very similar to the ones worn in West Africa. The cut is the same, and very often they have either two or four pockets. Sometimes, the fancy ones have lots of pleating and tucks on the front — very attractive, and yes, very cool in hot weather.

  2. I have to try the rear-view mirrors on cars. Seen amazing shots using this technique.

    In Nicaragua most guayaberas are very bright with complex embroideries. I prefer the simple ones with pastel colors or plain white. Excellent to reflect the rays of the sun.

    Interesting. When I lived in Costa Rica which is next door to us, I noticed that guayaberas are not commonly used there. Wonder why?



  3. The good thing about the Web is that it’s an endless source of information and knowledge. I always learn new stuff whenever I surf the Web.

    Now you know how we dress in this part of the world.



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