Low Fuel Prices in Panama

For several years we have complained of extremely high gasoline prices in Panama.  I remember one year, the prices escalated almost to $5.00 per gallon.  We were tempted to buy a scooter to save money.  We just couldn’t afford to use our car with our meager retirement check.

Now the situation has changed 180 degrees.  Due to low prices of crude, the price of fuel had dropped drastically.  A few day ago I went to the gasoline station to fill up my car and was amazed at how cheap gasoline was.  Usually we don’t use our vehicle, a 2006 Toyota Corolla, much; except to buy our groceries and a few minor errands near our home.  My monthly budget for gasoline is less than $10.00.  Next month I expect it will be even cheaper than that.

Even as we speak, these are the prices for light diesel, premium and regular gasoline in Panama City, Panama.  Here we go.

Snapshot of posted prices at a Puma gasoline station a few block from our house in Panama City, Panama. Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.

Above prices are expressed in litres.  There are 3.7854 litres in a U.S. Gallon. The conversion to U.S. gallons are:

  • Light Diesel (low sulphur):  $2.52 per U.S. Gallon
  • Regular Gasoline (91 octanes):  $2.57 per U.S. Gallon
  • Super Gasoline (95 octanes):  $2.77 per U.S. Gallon

Very good news for drivers in Panama for the New Year 2015.  Happy Driving and Good Day!


4 thoughts on “Low Fuel Prices in Panama”

  1. Those are great prices~ We currently have $2.09 per gallon and have not seen the price this low for many years. We are happy, too, as our vehicles do not get good mileage. We are considering getting a little economy car very soon.

  2. I can see that your have even cheaper prices than we do. Our Toyota Corolla is a compact four-cylindar vehicle with great mileage. We we will keep as long as it moves.

    Purchasing an economy car is a wise decision if you drive long distances to/from work.



  3. Enjoy those gas prices. All indications are they will go back up by end of year. We jut paid $2.29 ( from a high of $3.98) a gallon here in Long Beach, Ca.

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