Women’s Footware in Panama

Sandals have been used to protect our feet since the dawn of time.  A good deal of variety in the types of ancient Roman sandals and shoes, made the shoe-maker (sutor) a valued craftsman.  The ancient Romans contributed the entire-foot-encasing shoe to the Mediterranean world.

Along with the inhabitants of India, the ancient Romans were one of the first peoples in recorded history to develop a wide range of footwear. The ancient Mesopotamians (inhabitants of the region centered in present-day Iraq), Egyptians, and Greeks either went barefoot or used simple sandals as their dominant form of footwear. The climate in these regions made such footwear choices reasonable. But the more variable climate on the Italian peninsula, home to the Etruscans and to the Romans, made wearing sandals or going barefoot uncomfortable. These societies developed many different styles of footwear, from light sandals for indoor wear to heavy boots for military use or for travel to colder climates. Leather was the primary material used for making footwear in ancient Rome. The Romans were very skilled at making quality leather from the hides of cows.

Nothing is new under the sun.  Our fashions can be traced back to ancient Greece, Egypt, Mesopotamia and Rome to name a few millenary civilizations.  After thousands of years, sandals are still in fashion in Panama.  About 95 percent of women prefer to wear sandals go out on leisure trips.  It is a fashion that has taken the country by storm.  In my heydays, women wore shoes that covered their feet, now those times are gone.  Women prefer to let their feet breathe the fresh air.

Recently my wife and I went to a shopping mall to buy a pair of sneakers for Abdiel, the eldest of the Twisters.  While waiting in line, I carefully observed the women around me.  All of them were wearing sandals.  I couldn’t resist the temptation of taking a picture of their footwear.  A nice-looking young woman was kind enough to consent to have her sandals photographed.  Below is a picture depicting the latest fashion of women’s footwear in this part of the world.

Snapshot of a young woman wearing very simple sandals in a shopping mall in Panama City, Panama. This is the latest fashion in women’s footwear. Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.
Snapshot of a busy Nike store in Panama City, Panama. The placed was packed when we arrived there to buy a pair of Air Jordan sneakers for one of the Twisters. The cacophony of the cash registers was loud and clear while I waited in line. I’ll bet the Nike people are laughing all the way to the bank. Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.

Yep, in the fascinating world of fashion, there is nothing new under the sun.  Good Day.

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