Graduation Fever

December is the months of graduations in Panama.  Universities, elementary schools, high schools, and other educational entities choose the month of December to celebrate their graduation ceremonies.  Proud parents crowd the venues looking out for the exciting moment when their son or daughter is announced to receive his or her diploma.  It is a very emotional moment.  Crying among the crowd is a common spectacle.

Roderick Díaz, one of the cousins of the Twisters, graduated this year from high school.  His parents prepared a special memorabilia to celebrate the occasion.  This is what they distributed to their friends as a way to remember this memorable experience.

Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.
Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.

2 thoughts on “Graduation Fever”

  1. Graduation’s special, no matter what grade level or when it happens. Roderick’s parents have a right to be proud, and how nice of them to share that pride with family and friends in such a tangible way. Nice of you to share the experience with us, too!

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