Glued To The Tube

Snapshot of two customers mesmerized by the television set in a car wash site in Panama City, Panama. I took this shot while waiting for my vehicle to be cleaned. Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.
Due to special petition from a dear reader, I have added a black and white version of the earlier photograph. You know who you are. Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.

8 thoughts on “Glued To The Tube”

  1. Your wishes are my commands. Soon this shot will be transformed into a black and white picture. Keep your ears close to the ground for the new event.

    Simple scenes in every day life, make good pictures. It’s amazing to see the power of the tube, It gobbles people up like a vacum cleaner.

    Edit: Now you have the two versions of the photograph. Mission accomplished my dear Desley Jane. 🙂



  2. Thank you for your encouraging comments Barbara. Initially I posted the color version, but a reader asked if I could add a black and white version, which I did.

    Yep, the tube is like a ubiquitous vacum cleaner. You just can’t get away from its enchantment; specially kids.



  3. I still prefer the color, myself, but it’s a rare black and white that really attracts me. I’ll say this. Life in your car wash place looks exactly like life in our car wash places. It’s the only place I watch television these days.

  4. Morning Linda,

    Diane Arbus once wrote, “A picture is a secret about a secret, the more it tells you, the less you know.”

    This picture means different things to different people both in color or in black and white. What is the secret? It’s not for me to say.

    I seldom watch television. My favorite entertainment place is Netflix for its excellent content.

    This car wash site is not a pretty place to be, but its closeness to home and their cleaning service is fast and clean. I close my eyes to the dirtiness and open my eyes to the cleanliness of their service.



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