Canon Is Embracing the Mirrorless Camera Movement

There are persistent rumors on the Web that Canon might be working on a secret mirrorless camera.  If this is true, then we are definitely headed towards a revolution in the photography industry similar to that of the digital cameras which took the photography industry by storm.  The expensive, heavy, clumsy, intimidating, complicated DSLRs will shrink to an elite niche photography group, and the smaller, lighter, less expensive, intuitive, easy-to-use mirrorless cameras will take center stage.  That is the trend in this day and age.

Mirrorless cameras are completely taking over the photography world and Canon might finally have a serious contender to throw into the ring.  Canon Rumors has picked up on news the Japanese camera company will soon announce the development of a new mirrorless system camera.

However, there’s a strong possibility this new camera won’t simply be an EOS M3 following in the footsteps of the two earlier models. Rather sources say it will be a new EOS M that we “will really like, and that’s what we were all waiting for.“ So far there have been two different reports from sources with one saying it will feature a full-frame sensor on board, while the other has mentioned an EOS M rangefinder.

I firmly believe we are in the middle of a game-changing point which will have a strong influence in the way will take pictures in the future.  If Canon, Nikon or Pentax/Ricoh don’t join the bandwagon; they run the risk of following the path of the Dodo.  Kodak failed to take notice of the strategic inflection point taking place in film photography and was blown out of the water.

Companies like Olympus, Panasonic, Fujifilm, Samsung and Sony have been working feverishly on mirrorless camera for several years and are making significant inroads in the photography industry.  If you have been reading my blog posts, you already know that I’m planning to buy a Fujifilm X-30 next year and selling my Canon DSLR.  Many professional and novice photographers alike are following the same route.

Cameras like the Sony A6000, Panasonic GX7, Fujifilm X-30 and Sony X100 MIII are raising more than one eyebrow at specialized photography fairs.  Yep, 2015 promises to be an exciting year with many surprises under its sleeves.  Canon, Nikon, and Pentax are you there?  Good Day.

Source:  Canon Going Serious With Mirrorless in 2015 (full-frame MILC coming) – Canon Watch


4 thoughts on “Canon Is Embracing the Mirrorless Camera Movement”

  1. Morning Desley Jane,

    Good for you. You are where the action is. In the upcoming future the mainstream photographer will be taking shots with a mirrorless camera. That’s the trend.

    I own a compact P&S Canon PowerShot A720 IS and have been taking decent photographs for over six years with it. Planning to buy a Fujifilm X-30 next February. Very excited to use a modern mirrorless camera.

    Planning to sell my Canon DSLR EOS Rebel T2i and all its lenses and accessories. I really don’t need it anymore.



  2. The big boys are beginning to see the light. Either they join the bandwagon or join Kodak and others who didn’t see what was coming. We are living exciting times Joe.

    Take Care,


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