Windows Ten Is On The Way

Credit: FileHippo .com – Allanah.

For those of you who are still clinging to Microsoft’s operating systems, I have news for you.  Microsoft recently announced that their next upgrade to their operating system will be Windows 10.  For unknown reasons, they intentionally decided to skip Windows 9.  I wonder why?

During the announcement event, Microsoft only revealed small parts of the new update. Windows 10 will be available for all types of devices, anything from a four-inch smartphone to an 80-inch TV. Microsoft is looking for incredible scalability as well, with Windows 10 able to run on a small microprocessor or on something fit for Azure servers.

Windows 10 is aimed for everyone.  Microsoft has turned back on the radical ideas of Windows 8, the Metro UI and full touch-interface, replacing it with a more timid crossover between Windows 7 and the infamous Windows 8.

This crossover looks to be the bridge in the gap we all want. It brings back the Start Menu, but with a new funky Metro UI. For power users, Microsoft is adding Task View and Snap Attachments, to give second or third monitor users more room to work and be productive.

Microsoft is also pushing Windows 10 to the enterprise, with more security, a simple interface that does not need to be “taught” to employees and a bigger split between personal and professional accounts.

What we didn’t get from the announcement were facts. We still don’t know how much Windows 10 will cost, if it will be a subscription model or free for Windows 8 buyers. We do know that it will be released after BUILD on April 2015, but Microsoft wouldn’t talk about universal apps or Windows Phone.

This announcement will not affect me.  I’m presently using Windows 7 Home Premium, and don’t have the intention of changing it until my computer eventually gives up and says, “No Más”.  As long of Windows 7 does its thing, I’m a happy man.  I felt the same way with Windows XP.  If my old HP desktop hadn’t fried up, I would still be using that venerable and dependable operating system.  Planned obsolescence is not for me, no matter what they say.


2 thoughts on “Windows Ten Is On The Way”

  1. When my Windows-based notebook died a week ago probably the biggest nudge towards buying my `Mac Airbook was the Windows 8 operating system installed on every PC-model machine. I spent an hour playing around on different brands in the store and I simply HATED Windows 8. Several years ago I was running Windows XP and thought it was a very good operating system. Then they came out with Vista (probably the precursor to Windows 8) which was another dud. Fortunately when I needed to buy a new computer back then I was able to download XP and remain happy. Windows 7 took a couple of days to get used to but I was very happy with it overall.

    Now I’m having to learn how to use the Mac and there’s a bit of a learning curve, the biggest is figuring out some of the keys on the new keyboard which is a Spanish one. But software make it emulate an English keyboard, so some of the key ‘hints’ I guess you’d call them aren’t where things are shown on the keys. For instance, you type the semi colon and colon by hitting the enyay key among other differences. Thankfully I know how to ‘touch type’ so it’s not that much of a problem.

  2. I have used two operating systems in my life. One from Apple during the dawn of computing. It was the system which made the Apple II-E run, the name was Apple DOS 3.3. After I sold it, I switched to Windows and have stayed with this operating system to this date.

    I’ve used Windows for Workgroups, Windows 95, Windows XP and presently, Windows 7. With all these operating systems, I had great experiences, although for no reasons at all, I clinged to it as much as I could to Windows XP, albeit know I I will never use it again.

    Using the same operating system is a blessing; practically because their is nothing new to learn. Switching from Windows XP to Windows 7 was totally transparent. Practically no changes at all. Never used Windows 8. Lucky me.

    All my life I’ve also used a Spanish keyboard. Being Spanish my native language, I need to have the “Ñ” (eñe) and the “´” tilde. When I had to sporadically use an English keyboard, I pulled my hair and grinded my teeth, looking for those essential characters. Later I learned how to create them using the ASCII Code.

    Now I have a large-size Spanish wireless keyboard—exactly what I need to do the stuff I do. Never liked and never will use the cramped keyboard of a laptop. I just can’t type with such a miniscule keyboard. That’s why I bought a large keyboard.

    I understand the Apple Air Mac is a top-of-the line computer. Soon you will get used to it and fly like a bird using it. It usually works that way.

    Happy Computing,


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