A Mechanical Horse in Panama

In the early stages of man on Earth, animals have been used as a source of transportation.  Horses, camels, donkeys, elephants, and even zebras have been used to travel from one spot to another.  The feat of Hannibal crossing the Alps in 218 BC, was one of the major achievements of the Second Punic War, and one of the most celebrated achievements of any military force in ancient warfare.

Then along came Henry Ford and mass-produced the Model T Ford and the rest is history.  The automobile took the world by storm and today we don’t know where to put them.  Our roads and highways are always jammed and there are no parking lots to store them when we go to downtown to do some sporadic shopping.  But that’s another story for another day.  Today is about cars and how they look.

Recently I drove over to McDonald’s to buy some  junk food and bumped into this awesome pickup with a sign of “Se Vende” (For Sale) on the windshield.  With my P&S camera tucked in my belt, I shot several pictures of the sturdy piece of machinery to share with you guys.  I think it would be an amazing vehicle to drive out to the open ranges with gravel roads, or maybe not even roads at all.  This vehicle will handle the job and then some.  Take a look at the beast.

An awesome piece of equipment on sale next to a McDonald’s restaurant near our home in Panama City, Panama. Photo by Omar Upegui R.
Photo by Omar Upegui R.
Photo by Omar Upegui R.
Photo by Omar Upegui R.
Photo by Omar Upegui R.
I wonder what those chains are doing there? Photo by Omar Upegui R.
Photo by Omar Upegui R.

I wonder what Hannibal would have accomplished in the battlefield with this mechanical beast as part of his military resources.  Perhaps Rome would not have grown into a massive empire if Hannibal have had in his possession such an efficient means of transportation replacing its slow elephants.  Who knows?  But it is what it is.  Good Day.


6 thoughts on “A Mechanical Horse in Panama”

  1. That looks like it would fit right nicely here in Texas. We’d need to do something about the red on those doors, though. Maybe that’s a camo variation for Panama’s foliage. If the chain hadn’t been painted, I’d say it was just tucked there for safe-keeping until they needed to pull something. But the fact that it got spray painted, too, says, “I’m trying to look tough” to me. 🙂

  2. Morning Linda,

    Just finished writing a small comment on your blog post about Autumn, apples and light. I liked it a lot. Then your comment popped out in my computer.

    That chain was strange to me. Maybe it is a sign of personality of the owner of the vehicle.

    Enjoy your Autumn season, and prepare for the cold,


  3. The chain probably held a gas or water can on the front. Fairly common to see extra fluid storage up there, the chain insures it will be there when needed. Other items are fastened on the front that need securing, extra tow chain, winches, etc. Sometimes (often), the key gets lost so the chain stays.

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