The Valley of El Bosque

Nestled in a valley surrounded by green hills lies the neighborhood of El Bosque (The Woods).  Since the first day we tied the knot, we moved to our new home in a gorgeous neighborhood about five miles from downtown Panama City.  We lived in the city, yet we lived in the countryside.  For more then thiry-four years we lived in paradise—in the best of both worlds.  Unfortunately, in the name of progress, we are slowly losing our paradise.  New buildings—specially boring towers—are sprouting around the valley and silently creeping in.  I’m afraid in the next five to ten years, we will lose our sweet spot in Panama City.

Before it fades away into the sunset, take a look at the charm of the place where we have lived for a bit more than three decades.  Here we go.

Landscape photo of the valley of El Bosque where we live in Panama City, Panama. It’s nice and cool most of the year, like a permanent Spring. Photo by Omar Upegui R.
Photo by Omar Upegui R.



2 thoughts on “The Valley of El Bosque”

  1. It is a beautiful neighborhood — but don’t those towers look like an army of high-tech monsters, advancing toward you? It’s really a trade off. I get frustrated when I head to my favorite place in Texas, and remember once I get there that there’s no cell service. On the other hand, I like to go there because — there aren’t any cell towers and other signs of creeping civilization!

  2. I feel so sad that our sweet spot will be invaded by the sheer power of ciivilization. For many years we enjoyed a lifestyle of quietness, sparse traffic and fresh air. Almost like living in the countryside. I’m afraid we are losing our paradise in the name of progress.

    El Bosque will be no more; instead it will morph into a jungle of glass, steel and concrete. C’est la vie!

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