Snapshot of the chairs we sit on to watch TV during the early hours of the evening. Usually the evening news in channel Two-TVN. Photo by @Omar Upegui R.

Aura and I decided to tie the knot a bit more than 34 years ago.  A lot of water has flowed under the bridge.  We have experienced the rolleroaster ride of life with all its ups and downs.  We have vacationed to the United States and Colombia enjoying life and bit the dust when I was unemployed for over ten years and had to sell Amway soap to put food on the table.

Our ship had endured stormy weather and the sunny days of life, but we are still together until “death do us part”.  Some pessimists say that the institution of marriage is dead, but for us it’s very much alive and wagging its tail.  One plus one makes two and two is the equivalent of a couple.  That is who we are and will be: two persons sharing life…together.  Good Day.


6 thoughts on “Together”

    1. Hi Spanish Woods:

      Respect for the ideas and way of thinking of the partner. Then on top of that, add lots of love. Those to main ingredients will make a beautful marriage relationship which can last a long time. In our case over 34 years, which is about fifty percent of my lifetime.



    1. Thank you Joe. I feel very fortuate for finding such a good wife which have been my partner in life for more than 34 years. Couldn’t have any kids, but nobody said life was perfect.

      Thanks again for commenting. 🙂

  1. Happy anniversary, Omar, and best wishes to you both for the coming years. My folks were married for fifty-two years. Mom had nearly thirty more years as a widow after dad died, but they surely did have a good long run. You will, too!

  2. Our anniversary date was July 12 to be exact. Thank you for your best wishes. We married a bit late. I was 33 and Aura was 34. Since then we’ve been together for better or for worse. We´re in for the long haul as they say.

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