Snapshot of Dana, the youngest of the Twisters, concentrating on a photograph of Abdiel, her oldest brother. You might think she is reading a printed page. Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.

4 thoughts on “Concentration”

  1. You never know what happens inside a child’s mind; how they interpret reality a lot different than a more mature brain.

    When I was studying Education in college, the work of Jean Piaget caught my intention. Piaget was a Swiss developmental psychologist and philosopher known for his epistemological studies with children. He studied children with a magnifying glass since their birth until they became adults. His findings were absolutely amazing.

    Piaget placed great importance on the education of children. His studies were based on the daily observation on the behavior of his own children.

    Piaget did not focus so much on the fact of the children’s answers being wrong, but that young children consistently made types of mistakes that older children and adults did not. This led him to the theory that young children’s cognitive processes are inherently different from those of adults.

    Dana would have been a mandatory subject for Piaget’s epistemological studies.

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