Delicate Webs Hovering Above Green Grass

If you look closely you will notice a fragile spider web hanging from the tall grassy towers. A sinister bokeh can be seen in the background. Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.

2 thoughts on “Delicate Webs Hovering Above Green Grass”

  1. I’m really a fan of spider webs. The fancy ones the orb-weavers make are beautiful, of course, but even the ragged ones or the “clumpy” ones have a lot of appeal. I really like the photo, and how clear the web is.

  2. I couldn’t see the web with the naked eye. When I viewed the picture on my monitor, I discovered the creation of the spiders of the grass. I’ve seen pictures of webs with drops of dew on them. It’s a remarkable view of dedication and hard work.

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