Daybreak at the Metropolis

Snapshot of the first rays of light at the Coastal Strip in Panama City, Panama. I love this place at any time of the day, specially during the “Golden Hour”. Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.

By clicking on the image the size of the shot is dramatically increased and its effects are awesome.  Go ahead and try it, I’m sure you will be amazed of how different the shot looks at an enlarged size.  The colors, shades, temperatures and contrasts are absolutely amazing.  Good Day.


4 thoughts on “Daybreak at the Metropolis”

  1. I’ve never noticed how the tops of the buildings present an almost “toothed” appearance. It’s really an interesting skyline – bravo for getting out and about at the right time of day to capture such a lovely view.

  2. After the frustrating event of shooting pictures unfocused, I decided to go back and clean face. This time it would be dawn instead of night. Some photographers call this time of day “The Blue Hour” because the buildings, bridges, trees and so forth are nicely tinted in a soft blue color. It was a stunning experience.

    After the disastrous pictures of the first night out with my tripod, I think I got my best pictures in five years. I plan to keep on working until I get decent pictures I can call photographs and not snapshots, if you understand what I mean.

    Your pushing me forward makes me work harder. I appreciate that Linda. I really do.

    Five photographs came out looking pretty good. They will be posted in a couple of days. I would like your critique of them if you may.

    Panama City is such a vibrant place and there’s so much to capture with a camera. Maybe, if the price is right, I would pay for a professional training course in photography. That would be really cool.

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