Minimalistic Furniture

Rustic furniture at the shabby farmer’s market stand owned by José Luis near our neighborhood at El Bosque. Even a mattress is neatly folded in his workplace to rest after the day is over. Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.

2 thoughts on “Minimalistic Furniture”

  1. Exactly the sort of chair common at marinas in our area. One of their best features is that, if a storm is coming, you can just toss them in the swimming pool and let them be until the storm’s over. Then, you can fish them out and they’re good as new. The do well in the rain, too, although hot sunshine eventually makes them brittle, after a few years.

    All in all, a good choice for José Luis!

  2. In José Luis’ environment, these plastic chairs take a lot of wear and tear. Day in and day out, they are exposed to a blistering sun and frequent rainfalls. Sure enough, this guy knows how to pick his furniture well. 🙂

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