Stormy Clouds

Two days ago at about ten o’clock in the morning, Mother Nature played a mischievous trick on us.  Suddenly, everything was quiet and still.  The temperature started to fall drastically and the sun disappeared, originating an unusual darkness at that time of day.  The birds stopped their chirping and the dogs scurried into their remote corners. Something was about to happen.

We heard a loud roar, like a speeding train and gusts of strong winds blew in from the east.  The sky was stained with thick dark gray and black clouds.  The winds whistled as it passed through the limbs of the trees.  Bright streaks of light pierced the sky followed by loud thunder causing the windows to vibrate.

My wife and I thought our house would be raised into the air and tossed to the nearby sea.  This strange weather phenomenon was taking place from Chorrera to Arraijan and from Chepo to Panama City.  Trees were tossed around like toys and roof tops were disrupted and launched into the turbulent air.

Afraid as I was, I darted to our backyard with camera in tow, and took several pictures of the menacing dark cobalt skies.  This is how the sky was painted by Mother Nature.

Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.
Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.
Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.

It rained sparsely for a brief moment.  Then the wind stopped, the sky cleared, the birds were out with their usual symphonies, the dogs barked their way out of their holes and the sun made its regal entrance.  Normalcy had returned to El Bosque and it was once again business as usual.  As far as I know, no damages occurred in the neighborhood.  It was a naughty act of Nature having fun.  Good Day.


8 thoughts on “Stormy Clouds”

  1. Well, look at that. You just had a taste of our weather when a frontal passage rolls through. This sort of thing happens for us mostly in spring and autumn, when cold and warm air masses are clashing. That looks like a bit of a fight up there in the heavens – great photos!

  2. Thank you for your encouraging comments. That’s the gasoline that keeps me going. We were pretty scared when the wind started puffing, but were all smiles after the sun came out and the pictures spilled out from the camera.

  3. Morning Omar,

    This looks just like the morning in July 2012 when we were supposed to spend the day at the beach. Monster winds, road signs blown over, trees knocked about, and the whole city was one giant tranque. There was some kind of big storm that rolled in off the Pacific just before dawn, as far up the coast as Chorrera they felt the effects of the high winds.

    We didn’t make the beach that day and the next day we were scheduled to fly back to Texas. The roads in the city were a mess but our flight left on time.

  4. Hi Jim and Nena:

    I get the picture. Our weather mess was not as bad as the one you described, but it sure gave us a scare, let me tell you. For a moment, I thought we would be flying up in the sky like an airplane. The wind was pretty rough. Glad it’s all over. First time we experience something as bad as this.

      1. Almost to the date, your event happened two years ago. Thinking about it, how fast time flies, just like our wind of that morning a couple of days ago and your wind two years earlier. And all this time the wheel of time keeps turning, until one day it finally stops, and it’s all over. I guess it is what it is.

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