Cellphone Addiction

Credit: Techspot.com

3 thoughts on “Cellphone Addiction”

  1. Some of the buses in Panama seem to have descendents of Kamikaze pilots at the wheel, and when you get on you see a lot of rider’s head seem to be bowed in supplication as if praying to be delivered in one piece to their destination. Then, when you look around, you see they are all ‘texting’ on their cell phones.

  2. I have a friend who began complaining of an inability to sleep, about two years ago. She fussed and she fumed. Finally, I decided to ask a few intrusive questions. She mentioned that every time her phone beeped or made another of its assortment of sounds, it woke her up.

    I couldn’t believe it was that loud. I asked her where she kept it. She said, “Next to me, on the pillow.”

    Enough said, I suppose.

  3. @Richard: I’ve noticed this trend all over Panama City. It’s preposterous how deep the cellphones have invaded our country. The first thing a person places on the table when they go out for a drink of a quick lunch is, you guessed it, their smartphone. It’s like their own personal and distinct brand.

    @Linda: I hear you, loud and clear.

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