A Friendly Trio of Mac Employees

Snapshot of a trio of warm-hearted employees at a McDonald’s restaurant near our house. My wife went to visit her relatives on the countryside and I badly needed a waterhole to calm my thirst and hunger. McDonald’s was the nearest oasis and these were the guys who assisted my survival needs. Photo by ¬©Omar Upegui R.

2 thoughts on “A Friendly Trio of Mac Employees”

  1. I was going to say, “I wish the employees at our MacDonald’s were so cheerful and friendly,” and then I realized they could be. It’s been a while since I’ve paid them a visit. But to tell the truth, I suspect they may be a little less enthusiastic.

    We do have another fast-food place where the staff is unfailingly polite. They have the best lemonade in the world, and I often stop by there in the middle of the afternoon for some refreshment. Theirs is made with freshly-squeezed lemons and real sugar – no better living through chemistry. It makes all the difference.

  2. I always loved lemonade mixed with a taste of cherry, but had to abstain from drinking it after my reflux problems. I can still smell the delicious aroma of fresh lemonade when I visit cafeterias of the city.

    Polite employees are essential in today’s business world where competition is ferocious. Yep, these guys are extra friendly and that is very refreshing to a customer.

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