An Omelette for Dinner

Usually our dinners are very light.  We enjoy a strong breakfast, a moderate lunch and a light dinner.  As we age, we eat less.  At least that is the way it happened to us.  Both of us, suffer from reflux, so we have to be careful not to eat food which are strong in acids.

Having said that, yesterday Aura prepared a delicious omelette for dinner together with grilled pork, soft ground corn rolls (bollos in Spanish) and boiled broccoli.  The omelette was finger-licking good.  She explained to me that the omelette had diced onions, sausage, celery and melted yellow cheese on top.  The complement to the meal was a cup of Chinese tea to help the digestion process.

This is what Aura prepared for dinner yesterday evening.  I’m lucky to have married a Chef and eating À la carte.  Here we go.

Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.

4 thoughts on “An Omelette for Dinner”

  1. I like your photography, as always, and find it interesting still that some people are able to create such beautiful photos from what we enjoy the most — eating. When I used to teach adults drawing and or going into business classes, one of the things that I had them draw was a spoon. Something they have handled every day for as long as they had lived and they all found it the hardest thing to make look real. The other was going into business using selling something they use every day. They would sit and think and chat and not come up with anything close to bottled water — something that has made start up companies super wealthy — bottling tap water and labeling it “better than spring water.”

  2. I take great interest in shooting ordinary things you use every day. For some reason, you look at them, but you never actually “see” them. There is beauty in just about anything if you take the time to observe its inner beauty.

    Recently I shot several pictures of my wife’s umbrella. The insides of the subject was gorgeous. I had never observed an umbrella up close, have you?

    Take Care,


  3. The best thing about your food photography is that it’s real. As far as I know, you didn’t spray that omelet with glycerine to make it shine!

    When I was much younger, I couldn’t understand why the burger I saw in the ads didn’t look like what I got when I ordered at the restaurant. Live and learn!

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