Ice Cream Crush

Karol, one of the Twisters, and Aura, my wife, having fun in an ice cream parlor at Metro Mall in Panama City, Panama. This picture was taken about two years ago, but it still has its charm to keep the memories alive. Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.

2 thoughts on “Ice Cream Crush”

  1. What a great photo. My preferred technique as a kid was to eat enough off the top so it wouldn’t drop off, and then bite off the bottom of the cone and work my way up. Messy, but fun. Now, I dispense with the cone and ask for a dish. Honestly, I think (imagine) you get more ice cream that way.

  2. Linda,

    I’m glad you enjoyed the picture. Aura was not very fond of it. She said she looked ridiculous, but I assured her it was a picture that would capture fun memories for many years to come. It proved to be true.

    That’s what photography is all about, to remember precious moments, like these.



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