Street Vendors Peddle FIFA’s Soccer World Cup Flags

Since the start of the games of FIFA’s Soccer World Cup in Brazil, nothing is the same in this dynamic tropical country of Panama.  Soccer has taken the country by storm.  Everybody is talking about the games and their heroes or villains.  Every four years the same sports phenomenon happens and Panamanians abandon just about anything they’re doing to gather in cafés, streets, parks, homes and offices to collectively enjoy the games.

Even myself and my wife, who are not usual followers of soccer, have been absorbed by the enthusiasm of the games.  I’ve watched all the games on TV and keep a tally of the games played.  So far these are the scores:


  1. Mexico 1 – Cameroon 0
  2. Spain 1 – Holland 5
  3. Chile 3 – Australia 1
  4. Colombia 3 – Greece 0
  5. Uruguay 1 – Costa Rica 3
  6. England 1 – Italy 2
  7. Ivory Coast 2 – Japan 1
  8. Switzerland 2 – Ecuador 1
  9. France 3 – Honduras 0
  10. Argentina 2 – Bosnia-Herzegovina 1
  11. Germany 4 – Portugal 0
  12. Iran 0 – Nigeria 0
  13. Ghana 1 – USA 2
  14. Belgium 2 – Algeria 1
  15. Brazil 0 – Mexico 0
  16. Russia 1 – South Korea 1

The following games are scheduled for today, (e.g., Australia versus Holland, Spain versus Chile and Cameroon versus Croatia).  The wild crowds will gather at their favorite water holes, cheering for their teams while rivers of foaming golden beer flows freely during the games.  Long live the games!

Below are several pictures of street vendors organizing the flags of countries participating in the soccer world tournament.  It’s fun to see these tiny flags waving in the wind attached to the automobiles’ windows.  Soccer fever is here to stay for one whole month.

Snapshot of several street vendors preparing their merchandise at Via Ricardo J. Alfaro, early in the morning. They were very happy to pose for the camera. Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.
Snapshot of Carlos, a young street vendor, posing for the camera. He was a cheerful lad ready to head for the streets with his colorful load of flags. Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.
Snapshot of members of the family of the street vendors helping out to spread out the merchandise before returning home with the empty boxes. They will return at the end of the day to pick up the unsold merchandise and return the next day for more business under the traffic lights. Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.

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