Woman With Fan

Photo by Omar Upegui R.

4 thoughts on “Woman With Fan”

  1. I had a fan much like that when I was very young — though it was much smaller. The photo itself is a little jarring. It looks like she’s hiding a black eye. I certainly hope that’s not the case!

  2. Morning Linda,

    Fans like the one in the picture were widely used by Spanish women. They gave them a very feminine look.

    The dark spot on the woman’s face is a birth mole, in Spanish “lunar“. She was born with this dark skin pigmentation on her face.



    1. Ah, good. Then it’s what we call a “beauty mark” — as personal as hair or eye color, or a nicely shaped nose.

      I’ve remembered since commenting that I had two fans. One was like hers, but the other was painted rice paper. I do wish I knew what happened to them, but they’ve just disappeared.

  3. If you enjoy this type of fans, I encourage you to purchase a Spanish fan with a sandalwood scent. My mother had one. It was an original Spanish fan. Never knew what happened to it.

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