The Bell Tower of an Old Church in Panama

Snapshot of the majestic emerging bell tower of the  San Francisco de Asís Church in Casco Viejo. This cathedral was one of the original structures of the Casco Viejo. It was ravaged by fire in 1737 and again in 1756. The cathedral was restored in 1998, and is now one of the most striking churches in Panama. Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.

2 thoughts on “The Bell Tower of an Old Church in Panama”

  1. I do love that tower. The Casco Viejo always makes me smile — it’s just such an attractive area.

    One of Galveston’s old churches just has reopened, finally restored after Hurricane Ike. It’s lovely, too. It’s especially nice because the exterior is pure white. It’s very Mediterranean in appearance.

  2. Linda,

    I have a gut feeling that sooner or later you are going to make a trip to Panama. It’s written in the stars. You will love it here. Being near the sea is very familiar to you and your lifestyle. Your Spanish will grow exponentially.

    Architecture is one of my main interests when I go out to shoot some pictures.



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