Dad and Son Sharing Quality Time Together

Snapshot of father and young son playing together in a small playground inside the perimeter of the Panama Coastal Strip III. Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.

2 thoughts on “Dad and Son Sharing Quality Time Together”

  1. Nice photo, with great composition. The rivets holding the gizmo together do remind me of dominoes, though. Is dominoes a favored game there in Panama?

  2. Morning Linda:

    Yes, dominoes is a very popular game in this part of the world. I played it for hours on end when I was in college. There was a game played for money called “pin-tin-tin” which was very entertaining.

    The Twisters still play dominoes with us on lazy Sundays when they come over. Abdiel is pretty good at it.

    What I liked about this picture is the spirit of the family bond that exists between the kid and his father. We need more of those relationships to enhance the social fabric of our nations.

    Even as we speak, families are being torn apart; the family as a social institution is crumbling down like Humpty Dumpty. Divorces are on the rise and kids are bouncing to and fro from one home to the other, creating deep psychological scars inside the confused children’s minds who don’t understand what is going on.



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