Cyclists on the Cinta Costera III

A cluster of cyclists enjoy the morning ocean breeze and the ample space of the Cinta Costera to stretch their legs and get their bodies in shape. (Click image to enlarge it.) Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.

The Cinta Costera is the perfect spot for recreational purposes for the dwellers of Panama City.  During weekends it is common to see families strolling along the ample green spaces, as well as cyclists, sport lovers of basketball, skateboarding, tennis, soccer and other similar activities.  At this moment, the Cinta Costera isThe place to be.

In this picture the predominant characteristic is color.  The manicured lawn has a rich green color as well as the multicolor sweaters of the wheelers which contrast with the flat gray color of the highway.  Pictures in color are great, although I’ll have to admit that black and white pictures are very dramatic and have a lasting impression on the viewers.  Good Day.


2 thoughts on “Cyclists on the Cinta Costera III”

    1. “Ample room said Daniel Boone.” The place is perfect for recreational activities. Lots of sunshine, cool ocean breeze and a beautiful ample highway. Can’t get any better than this.

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