Young Karatekas Training on the Coastal Strip

Snapshot of a group of young karatekas training on the Coastal Strip III under the strict supervision of their Sensei. I liked their immaculate white Karate-Gi (Karate training uniform) under the cobalt overcast skies. Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.

I greatly enjoyed the training session of the young karatekas under the supervision of their Sensei.  To take this picture I sat on the ground and placed the camera on the concrete floor in an effort to capture a ground level shot.  Two thirds of the picture was allotted to the open skies to depict the ethereal spiritual aspect of oriental martial arts.

“Training in martial arts is far more holistic than merely going to a gym three times a week to run on a treadmill or lift weights. The martial arts demand mental, physical and even spiritual fitness. Mastering martial arts techniques can have a very uplifting effect on your attitude and, to some degree, even reshape your view of the world around you.

Martial arts require that students push back the limits of their own boundaries and grow in ways they may have never thought possible. Along with this personal growth comes a re-evaluation of our views of ourselves. Many students find that, over time, they are much more stronger, more capable and more flexible (both mentally and physically) than they previously imagined. Achieving this revised view of our self-image through martial arts can have an enormously positive effect on our attitudes.

As we continue to study, learn and grow martial arts, we train ourselves to see the world in new and different ways. Often we find ourselves growing out of old attitudes and adopting new ones. Bruce Lee was fond of saying that in martial arts the students efforts are not directed towards some imaginary opponent but rather to an outdated version of themselves. I like that view. Consider martial arts as a fire if you will. By training hard we throw ourselves into that fire and forge new stronger bodies, new improved attitudes and new views of the world around us.”

Source:  Martial Arts and Improving your Attitude!

2 thoughts on “Young Karatekas Training on the Coastal Strip”

  1. You see such interesting sights during your explorations. There may be places where such training takes place around here, but I’ve never seen it. Now and then I see a kid in the grocery store in his or her uniform, but I think they mostly have studios in which to train and practice.

  2. Morning Linda:

    I’m sure there must be special indoors training venues in Texas, but I prefer open spaces for such practices. Nothing beats bright sunlight, green spaces and lots of fresh air. Me thinketh.

    There are more pictures of the Coastal Strip III in the pipeline. Please return tomorrow.

    Best Regards,


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