The FF Tower in Panama City

Snapshot of the FF Tower, also known as “El Tornillo” in the commercial section of Panama City, Panama. Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.

5 thoughts on “The FF Tower in Panama City”

  1. Hola Omar,
    After your “Mechanical Orange” post, I began surfing the web for unusual uses for usual things. Seeing your photo of El Tornillo sent me on a journey for towers. Since we have LOTS of water storage towers in the US, here is a sample of some that I found.

    NOTE: I offered a taxi driver $10 to drive me to see la tuerca that fits on El Tornillo but he just laughed at me!? haha

  2. Funny – I thought perhaps “tornillo” might mean tornado — that’s what the building reminds me of. But now I know the real meaning, and Jim’s joke makes me laugh, too.

    In Spanish, do people use “la tuerca” as we use “nut” to refer (often affectionately) to people who are engagingly crazy? My mother used to say to me from time to time, “You’re a nut.” Of course, that’s another idiom for your collection!

  3. Hello Jim & Nena and Linda:

    @Jim & Nena: That was a good joke on the taxi driver. As a taxi driver he should have known about “El Tornillo” tower.

    @Linda: No, we can’t make that literal translation of “nuts” who are engagingly crazy, to “tuerca” in Spanish. A “tuerca” only means a mechanical “nut” as used in the construction industry. Sometimes you can’t translate idioms exactly into another language. This is such an example.

    I know the meaning of “nuts” for someone who doesn’t have a clear mind, and there’s another meaning of “nuts” which I won’t mention it here for obvious reasons. 🙂

    Best Regards,


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