A Farmers’ Market in Panama City

Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.

4 thoughts on “A Farmers’ Market in Panama City”

  1. Morning Eagle-Eyed Editor:

    So do I. My wife is an assiduous visitor of farmers’ markets because of the freshness of the produce and the low prices. For me they are also great subjects to photograph.



  2. Look at those pineapples. The bananas and plantains, too. And do I see some of those small finger bananas? We had those in Liberia, and they were the best bananas I’ve ever had — so sweet and cute! I see mango and sugar cane, too. What a wonderful place!

    1. This is where my wife buys most of our veggies. It is near our home and the prices are much lower than those of El Machetazo supermarket.

      They also carry a wide assortment of agriculture products as you can see in the picture. We call them “ferias libres”.

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