Panama Finally Announces Subway Fare

Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.

Recently Panama Authorities announced the fare for the new subway system in Panama City.  A one way trip would cost $0.35 which is well within the reach of the working class people.  The fares will be in effect on June 15, 2014.

Currently the Panama Metro is operating on a trial basis free of charge.  Good Day.


8 thoughts on “Panama Finally Announces Subway Fare”

  1. Thirty five cents is what the bus fare is from my house down to El Cruce at the Interamericana three kilometers away. No jubilado discount. A taxi for the same ride costs 50 cents. The bus all the way into the terminal in David, about a 40 minute ride costs 60 cents after the jubilado discount. The Zona Urbana (local) bus fare is 35 cents for everyone. Taxi fares for longer distances vary depending, and I’ve found there’s often a “gringo” price. When I get quoted a “gringo” price I always ask the driver, “y quanto para un panameño para lo mismo?”

    1. Morning Richard:

      I was recently in David and Conception for a personal event. I took a taxi from David to La Concepción and vice versa. The cost was only $30.00. In Panama City, the cost would have been at least $60.00.

      People are a lot more courteous than those of the metropolis. It was a most gratifying experience. From the Interamerican Highway, I saw the entrance to Boquerón. The whole area has changed so much since I last visited the Province of Chiriquí thirty years ago.



  2. Omar:
    35 centavos no es suficiente para mantener el metro, y lo sabemos todos. Esto provocara que este subencionado por el gobierno, pagando todos los panamenos con sus impuestos por el precio tan bajo.
    Probablemente $ 1 hubiera sido mas realista.

  3. That seems like a perfectly reasonable fare – glad the decision has been made, so people know and can purchase their cards.

    It’s an interesting point Jaime makes. I’m sure there must be an alternate funding method, in addition to the fares.

  4. Hi Jaime and Linda:

    Obviously $0.35 for taking a ride in the Metro is almost nothing. It is subsidized by the Panama Government. For the “little people” who have to use the Metro at least twice to and from work each day ($0.70), this cost is a blessing.

    I’m all for government subsidies as long as they are within the yearly budget. Excess in subsidies, as well as excess in just about anything will bring more problems than benefits.

    We don’t anticipate in using the Metro much. It’s outside our usual routes. We will continue to use our ole Toyota Corolla for the long haul.



  5. Omar! I just realized I “read” Jaime’s comment without having to do a word by word translation. I missed some of it, but clearly go the jist of what he was saying. Amazing!

  6. Hi Linda.

    That means that you are learning Spanish through pictures of Panama. I hope that is the reason for your interpretation of Jaime’s comment. Spanish is sinking into you through pictures. Is that possible?

    Warm Regards,


  7. Well, I think the pictures help, but you also often have comments in Spanish, so I can see the words with the photos. It really was quite a delightful surprise for me. Also, the lady called “Z” who comments on my blog from Ecuador and Central America often comments in Spanish on her blog and leaves some of the language on mine. It all adds up!

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