View of Playa Honda Beach in Taboga

View of Taboga’s well-known seawall and the highly visited Playa Honda Beach. This beach is located in front of the hotel where I was staying in Taboga. Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.
Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.

January through April are the tourist months of this colorful island.  Many visitors from Panama and abroad, come to Taboga Island to bathe in its clear, clean tropical waters and walk its winding paths of the pristine town of San Pedro and to reflect on its long history dating back to the Spanish Conquistadores.

Snapshot of El Morro in front of Playa Restinga in Taboga Island surrounded by crystal clear waters. Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.
Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.

Taboga’s small bay in front of the town of San Pedro and Playa Honda, reaches depths of 40 to 60 feet offshore.  The water offshore from Playa Restinga is much shallower at 10 to 20 feet.  A third bay, Bahia Noreste, located on Taboga’s northeastern side, also reaches depths of 40 to 60 feet.  Isla Taboga’s offshore depths offer safe anchorage for any size vessel.

Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.

4 thoughts on “View of Playa Honda Beach in Taboga”

  1. I really like that wall. I wondered at first if the balls might be cannon balls, but decided not. In any event, it’s certainly attractive and interesting. What a fine visit you’re giving us!

  2. Morning Linda:

    I think the balls are just part of the design of the wall. I’m so glad you are enjoying our visit to the island of flowers. There are still many pictures in the pipeline. The island is rich in history as well



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