Island With Lush Tropical Vegetation

Snapshot of bright scarlet flowers and emerald-green tropical palm trees in the Island of Taboga. Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.

The flora of Taboga Island is a stunning display of nature’s vitality.  The lianas, bromeliads, orchids, ferns, and fruit trees are typical of the lush, perennial rainforest that exists throughout much of the island.  Isla Taboga’s expanse of rainforest is interrupted only in the town of San Pedro where nature’s gifts are cultivated and domesticated.  The island boasts the nickname of “The Island of Flowers”.

Nísperos, mameyes, nance, mango, tamarindo, and the island’s pineapples, world-famous for their sweetness, are grown for the beautification of the town and the utter enjoyment of visitors.

If you are tired of dark days, temperatures below zero, truckloads of snow, cobalt skies, blinding blizzards, no power, and difficulty to drive your car in dangerous icy roads, hop into a plane and come on down to Panama and enjoy beautiful weather, warm temperatures, friendly people, and beautiful beaches.  The paradise starts and ends in Panama.  Good Day.

4 thoughts on “Island With Lush Tropical Vegetation”

  1. Hello Eagle-Eyed Editor:

    Don’t hesitate anymore and come on down. The island is waiting for you and so are the beaches. You’ll love it here. Say goodbye to snow and cold weather.



  2. It just crossed my mind that we must be getting close to the vernal equinox, and we are – March 30. None too soon, says me. We’ve had a longer and generally colder winter than usual, and I’m ready for some “perfect” days before the onset of the summer heat we like to gripe about.

  3. Morning Linda:

    If I were to decide between cold or hot weather, I’d prefer the latter. Once in New York during the month of October, I felt so cold I thought I was going to die. From that day onwards, warm weather is my cup of tea, no matter how pretty snow looks in December.

    Hope you get your “perfect” days soon. 🙂



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