Vereda Tropical Hotel in Taboga

After disembarking from the Calypso King E, I took one of the only three truck-taxis available in the island, for a ride to a nearby hotel overlooking the ocean .  The name of the hotel was Vereda Tropical.  This is a unique boutique hotel reflecting the historical flavor Taboga Island has to offer.

All 14 guestrooms feature double beds (single beds available upon request), TV, ceiling fan, free WiFi signal, and private bathroom with cold and hot water.  The guestrooms are individually decorated with an artistic touch, some with spectacular ocean views, and others overlooking the picturesque town of San Pedro.  I got room No. 7 (lucky number) overlooking the ocean.  Excellent for picture-taking from the balcony.

Reservation for one room for one day had already been made by phone from home.  The price for one room with a double bed for one evening was $75.00 plus a 10 percent tourist tax totaling $82.50.  You can pay either with cash or Visa/MasterCard credit cards.  Before I forget, let me say that there are no ATMs or banks in Taboga; so make sure you have either cash or credit cards with you.  Or’re in trouble.

The edifice is built on an elevated site with an excellent view to the ocean.  It’s decorated with bright tropical flowers (veraneras), and an enticing architectural style.  You can also enjoy an intimate and personalized environment on the harbor view terrace or indoor.  The quality of the food and service was okay, but there’s certainly room for improvement.  I’ll say one thing though, the hotel is impeccably clean to the slightest detail.   I was highly impressed with its strict cleanliness.

Below are several pictures I shot while climbing the stairs to the building.  By the way, I was totally exhausted when I got to the counter.  Carrying 67 years on your shoulders is no easy task.  Here we go.

Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.
Snapshot of the Vereda Tropical Hotel, splashed with beautiful tropical flowers (Bougainvillea) dropping like a purple-red cascade. Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.
Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.
By looking at this picture you will understand why they call Taboga “isla de las flores” (island of the flowers). Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.

If you are enjoying Taboga Island, please return tomorrow for more pictures of this alluring island in the Pacific Ocean near the entrance of the Panama Canal.  Good Day.

4 thoughts on “Vereda Tropical Hotel in Taboga”

  1. Morning Eagle-Eyed Editor:

    You’re certainly welcomed to return any time. The red carpet will be waiting for your return. Glad you are enjoying the pictures of the island.



  2. What a beautiful place! Good architecture combined with pretty flowers always is a winner for me. The location sounds good, too. A nice view from on high always makes things more special.

  3. Hi Linda:

    I’m so happy I made it to this picturesque island to take pictures. The abundant light, quietness, and open spaces were so much different from our neighborhood in the turbulent city.



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