A Slender Flower

While enjoying the cool breeze during a late afternoon in our back porch, I noticed that one plant had grown a long slender flower.  It swayed gracefully with the breeze.

As I grow older, I have learned to enjoy flowers.  When I was younger, flowers were almost invisible to me. They are so delicate, and some of them have a wonderful aroma and their colors are beyond words.  Yep, aging is not so bad after all.  If only my body would be more obedient and move faster and with less pain.  Sigh!

Below are the pictures I shot of this slender flower in our back yard one late afternoon in Panama City, Panama.

Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.
Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.
Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.

All pictures were taken with a compact Point-and-Shoot Canon PowerShot A720 IS camera.  It has been with me for over five years now and has coughed out about three thousand pictures or more. I paid $249.00 for this magnificent camara obscura.  It has exceeded my expectations by far.

Please click on the images to enlarge them.  The view is greatly enhanced.  Good Day.

5 thoughts on “A Slender Flower”

    1. Hi:

      Thank you for providing the name of the flowers. I’m not very good with the names of flowers, but have developed a taste for them. Mother Nature is the best painter I know.



  1. Hi Linda:

    Indeed they do look like a cluster of bananas. A reader provided the name of the flower. It is a “Torch Lily”. Everyday we learn something new.

    BTW, how is your cactus and tumbleweed doing?



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