2 thoughts on “Twins”

  1. This is nice, too. I like the way the frame combines with the sepia tint to make it seem as though it could be a very old photo.

    I must say – that’s pretty much how our world looks this morning, although we’re tending more toward gray than sepia!

  2. Hi Linda:

    There is something with the sepia tint that makes it special. I try to to use it as often as I can, but try not to overdo it.

    Yes, I’ve been following the news, and Mother Nature has been rather rough this year with very cold temperatures and cobalt skies.

    I’m glad you enjoyed the picture. It means a lot to me. Just got back from Taboga Island loaded with pictures. Stayed there overnight. They will be posted in due time. Surprise…surprise. 🙂



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