New Clothes For the Panama General Assembly

After suffering for many years in a sick building, the Asamblea Nacional de Panamá has moved into a brand new edifice.  The joyful event happened during the first week of 2014.  A new year and a new building for the legislative body, and for the nation as a whole.

The new headquarters of the National Assembly was designed by architect Ignacio Mallol, of the firm Mallol & Mallol, and built by the Corcione Group.  Sergio Gálvez, President of the General Assembly, proudly told the press , “This is a work of a First World country and we have nothing to envy other parliaments of the globe.”

According to the president, Ricardo Martinelli, public works like these are what make the country needs to move forward towards progress. He said the new buildings of the Electoral Tribunal and the headquarters of the Latin American Parliament are typical examples of the new Panama. He also explained that the old building is not adequate to fully comply with the work being done in the General Assembly, since the dilapidated facilities were built when there were less congressmen, and that they were going to evaluate the option of demolishing it sometime in the future.

He noted that the new facility will have 330 parking spaces, 31,500 meters of construction at a cost of $26 million, fully furnished, where each member of the General Assembly will have his own office, modern facilities to serve the members of the diplomatic corps, and comfortable cafeterias; a welcoming venue for the Diputados to focus on producing beneficial laws for the benefit all Panamanians.

The building, shaped like a triangle is coated with silver metallic material and tinted bullet-proof glass which represents a modern concept of First World architecture that will make history, not only within the country, but internationally as well.  The four-story structure houses the offices of the 71 Diputados. It includes meeting rooms for the different committees of the legislative body, an auditorium for 150 people, as well as cafés and other special services.

Below are several pictures of this modern structure in Panama City, Panama.  Take a look.

Snapshot of the new headquarter of the Panama National Assembly with the modern buildings of Panama City in the background. Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.
Snapshot of the new building of the General Assembly on the left and the old building on the right. I hope our authorities use their head and keep this historic building. It would be barbaric to tear it down. Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.
This pictures displays the coat of arms of the Asamblea Nacional de Panamá at its main entrance. Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.
Snapshot of the modern building of the General Assembly. Notice the silver coating and tinted bullet-proof windows. Straight lines and right angles prevail on this very modern architecture style. Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.
Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.
Snapshot of the general view of the front section of the structure facing west in Panama City, Panama. Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.

With these pictures I will put and end to my photo walk to the Legislative Palace and the scenery around it.  I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I did walking around and shooting the pictures.  Incidentally, the radio is playing Mozart’s Symphony No 41: Andante Cantabile.  Great music! Good Day.

2 thoughts on “New Clothes For the Panama General Assembly”

  1. Quite a lovely new building! I did stop for a minute when you mentioned bullet-proof glass. I never would have thought of the need for that, which only is an indication of just how old I am. It’s a different world, for sure.

  2. Morning Linda:

    It’s interesting how afraid we are to live in society. Violence is everywhere. We even need to protect our windows from bullets, but that’s the way it is. Who would have thought that planes would used as flying bombs to bring the towers down?

    Yep, it’s a new world for sure.

    Bye Linda,


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