Major Web Browsers Worldwide Usage – January 2014

Fresh statistics have been released into the wild by Net Applications for January 2014.  Net Applications’ statistics are based on the activity of about 160 million visitors per month to Web sites using its services.

These are the latest figures on the performance of the behemoths of the Internet as far as web browsing is concerned.

  1. Internet Explorer: 58.21 – 57.91 = 0.30 percent
  2. Firefox:  18.08 – 18.35 = 0.27 percent
  3. Chrome:  16.28 – 16.22 = 0.06 percent
  4. Safari:  5.80 – 5.82 = 0.02 percent
  5. Opera:  1.28 – 1.33 = 0.05 percent
  6. Others:  0.36 – 0.35 = 0.01 percent


According to Net Applications elves, Microsoft Internet Explorer continues to lead the pack in a very convincing way.  More than that, it has clawed back to dominate the race and has successfully reversed a downward trend for several months.  Microsoft has been lately in the spotlight with excellent comments from known experts in the field of technology.  Wall Street was impressed with its latest financial results and a replacement of Steve Balmer should be announced sometime next week.

Microsoft is likely to appoint its cloud-computer head, Satya Nadella, as the next CEO, as the board concludes a five-months search for a tech-savvy heavy-hitter to lead the world largest software company.  Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer will no longer hold a place of relevance in the new Microsoft corporation.

Mozilla Firefox is still in second place, but Google Chrome is breathing heavily on its neck.  A small misstep, could catapult Chrome to second place.  That should be its logical place.  As you probably know, Wall Street’s investors are infatuated with Google.  Its shares were selling last Friday for $1,180.97 , which is absolutely amazing.  The Midas Touch is still with these guys who are the modern alchemists of the twenty-first century.  Almost everything they touch is turned into gold.

The rest of the contenders are relatively holding their ground.  Apple is rethinking the next strategy to introduce new products since the iPod is slowly falling from grace and the performance of its darling product, the iPhone,  was not as expected in the Chinese market.  The stock market is looking closely to see if China will fully accept the long awaited iPhone. However, I’m sure they will able to bounce back and get their house in order as usual.

That’s it guys.  Let’s wait and see what the new numbers will be the next month.  Good Day.

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