Lazy Clouds Floating on a Blue Sky

The Dry Season is here and beaches and rivers are flooded by city dwellers every weekend.  The migration to the countryside is impressive.  Thousands of automobiles slowly make their journey bumper to bumper to the beautiful beaches of Farallón, Río Mar, Santa Clara, Coronado, Punta Chame and nameless gurgling rivers and streams near the metropolis.

Upstairs the sky is soft blue, and lazy fluffy clouds dance gracefully with the wind.  El Verano is here and people are having a ball frolicking in the rhythmic waters away from the mayhem of the cities.  Rains will not return until mid-April.  Meanwhile, the sun is King during the Dry Season.

As for me, I prefer the cobalt skies, the sound of thunder and the rat-tat-tat pelting of raindrops on the roof.  For me the Rainy Season is music to my ears.  The grass is green, flowers grow, birds sing, and the world is filled with life.  Yep, diversity of preferences is a good thing.

Snapshot of the sky above our house in Panama City. The picture was taken yesterday about ten o’clock in the morning with a Point-and-Shoot Canon PowerShot A720 IS camera. Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.

4 thoughts on “Lazy Clouds Floating on a Blue Sky”

  1. I also enjoy the rainy season up here in Mazatlan. The tourists are gone, the town is quiet and the thunderstorms quite impressive. However, I doubt the dogs would agree.

  2. Hello Mazbeach:

    Thank you for your comments and the description of your stay in Mazatlan, Mexico. I wouldn’t mind having a shower or two in this part of the world.



    1. We have lived here full time for several years and it’s our dry season too. I actually look forward to the rainy season when the tourists are gone and the humidity is up. Call me crazy.

  3. Hi Mazbeach:

    Oh, now I understand. We are both sizzling under the hot Tropical sun. Our rainy season starts in mid April through mid December. I also love rain, so that makes me crazy as well. 🙂



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