The Creeping Towers

Snapshot of the entrance of Residencial El Bosque, the neighborhood where we live in Panama City, Panama. It is located about five miles from downtown. Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.

We moved to Residencial El Bosque on July 12, 1980—33 years ago.  Then, this place was a peaceful neighborhood nestled in a tiny valley surrounded by rolling hills and humble dwellings.  Vegetation was not exactly thick, but there were some trees and bushes.  In the morning we woke up with the cacophony of tropical birds.  It was the perfect place to be.  We were in the city, yet at the same time, we were away from it.

Then the glass shattered.  This happened about five years ago.  A vacant lot was filled with eight towers bringing in noise, people, tall buildings and traffic.  We lost our innocence as the towers crept in and invaded our privacy and tranquility.  Economists call it economic progress, I call it urban mayhem.

I’m afraid there’s nothing we can do about it.  More and more of these pesky match boxes are sprouting like mushrooms in a forest.  They call it progress…I call it savage capitalism out of control.  Good Day.


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