A Humble Street Stand in Panama City

Snapshot of a humble street stand in Panama City, Panama selling cold bottled water and canned sodas. Prices? Fifty cents of an American dollar apiece. Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.

2 thoughts on “A Humble Street Stand in Panama City”

  1. Here’s another fun language tidbit. In parts of rural America, a drink like Coca-cola is called a “soda water”, or even “sody-water” (or “sodie-water” – spelling varies).

    So, instead of your sign referring to two kinds of drinks, it would refer to only one!

  2. Hi Linda:

    In Panama we use the word “soda” to refer to all soft drinks having some kind of sodium carbonate in it. In Costa Rica they are called “gaseosas” because of the “gas” in it.

    I understand in New England soft drinks or sodas are called sodas tonics. Am I right?

    I think the vicinity of the American Canal Zone jumped over the fence and influenced our language and “sodas” in English became “sodas” in Spanish.

    Agua” is just plain and simple drinking water sold in plastic bottles.

    There again, another interesting tidbits about English and Spanish relationships.

    Best Regards,


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