Maxi, The Taxi Driver

Alcibiades Achurra Bernal is my wife’s closest nephew.  He’s considered by my wife as a son she never had.  Saw him after three days he was born and has been under her wing for 43 years.

Alcibiades, or “Alci” as he is called by his wife, is the proud father of the famous Twisters.  He brings food to the table by driving a yellow checkered taxi (Toyota Yaris) in Panama City.  The work is tough, and raking in the greenbacks after a day full of “tranques” is no easy task.  But there are hungry kids back home, so he needs to keep his patience and float along with the traffic wave.

I don’t recall how the name Maxi came about, but that is how I baptized Alcibiades when I first met him .  He was about ten years old then.  Bright, stubborn, grumpy, restless, and white like a ball of Texas cotton.

We hired Maxi for our photo exploration sojourn into the countryside last Sunday.  He has the patience of Job, so we were able to accomplish our plan of capturing the “Muñecos de Año Nuevo” and the Centennial Bridge.  Other subjects emerged along the highway as we traveled from Panama City, Panama to Coronado—a 89.1 kilometer ride.

Below is a picture of Maxi and his yellow checkered taxi.

Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.

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