Major Web Browsers Worldwide Usage – November 2013

Fresh statistics have been released into the wild by Net Applications for November 2013.  Net Applications’ statistics are based on the activity of about 160 million visitors per month to Web sites using its services.

These are the latest figures on the performance of the behemoths of the Internet as far as web browsing for desktops is concerned.

  1. Internet Explorer: 58.36 – 58.22 = 0.14 percent
  2. Firefox:  18.54 – 18.70 = 0.16 percent
  3. Chrome:  15.44 – 15.42 = 0.02 percent
  4. Safari:  5.90 – 5.84 = 0.06 percent
  5. Opera:  1.39 – 1.42 = 0.03 percent
  6. Others:  0.38 – 0.41 = 0.13 percent


After taking a look at these numbers I have reached the conclusion that Microsoft has recovered its mojo once more.  Month after month it has escalated to become the indisputable leader in the web browsing field.  Its nemesis for many years, Mozilla Firefox, has been sliding backwards and is no longer the darling of web surfers.

This scenario is valid only for desktop browsers.  In the mobile arena, the picture is quite different.  Apple Safari is the leader of the pack.  Take a look at these numbers for November 2013:

  1. Safari:  55.61 percent
  2. Android:  25.22 percent
  3. Chrome:  8.33 percent
  4. Opera Mini:  4.81 percent
  5. Netscape:  1.29 percent
  6. Others:  4.75 percent

As long as Apple keeps its leadership in the sale of tablets and cellphones, Safari will keep on sailing full speed ahead.  Android is in a distant second place, but they are still a formidable contender to watch closely.  Samsung’s Galaxy line of mobile phones and tablets are in strong demand for the holidays.

I still use Mozilla Firefox as my default browser, but I think its glorious days are over.  If Microsoft can find the white knight it’s looking for, we will see Internet Explorer’s escalating trend and probably making a considerable dent in Apple’s mobile armor as well.  In the cut-throat scenario of technology, anything is possible.  Just take a look at Canadian Blackberry’s sad story.  Good Day.

3 thoughts on “Major Web Browsers Worldwide Usage – November 2013”

  1. Hi Jim and Nena:

    That makes two of us who love the sly fox. Been using it for at least five years, and don’t plan on switching to another browser anytime soon.

    Amazon is the web site where I purchase my English e-books. Fast and cheap. With one click, everything is done and my book is simultaneously in my laptop, iPad, desktop and Apple TV. Can’t get any better than this.

    Tomorrow I plan to write about an ingenious project that Amazon will implement in the near future to deliver less than five pounds packages using drones. It’s pretty neat.

    Technology is better than a science-fiction story in this day and age.



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