A Blue Building Under Blue Skies

This is what I mean about outstanding architecture in Panama. This is the Edison Building in Avenida Ricardo J. Alfaro in Panama City, Panama. It houses many public offices. Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.
The shape of the tower on the left looks like a tall bee hive. In Panama we call it “la colmena”. Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.
Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.

More pictures are scheduled to be posted tomorrow.  If you enjoy architecture, I gently recommend you return to this site.  Good Day.


6 thoughts on “A Blue Building Under Blue Skies”

  1. Morning Bjorn:

    You should come down to Panama. We have a lot to show our visitors. My next project is taking pictures of Panama City in the dark. The lights of the city are spectacular.



    1. Buenas Omar….yes…I have been thru Panama City a couple of times, seen some , but for sure not enough….the 6 times I travelled thru I never stayed…just travelled thru…..I especially enjoy the older parts of town , its Architecture…but who knows when I will stay…probably not until I decide to move down for good or a longer period…I will possibly travel thru in February again , on my way to my friend in Boquete (unless Davids airport has direct flights by then (or ever) )…

  2. Morning!

    This building was one of the landmarks that was visible on the webcam that the Smithsonian Institute once used to study the jungle canopy near the city. You could see the entire skyline of the city.

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