October is the rainiest month of the year in Panama.  This is the month when you should own a boat to get to work and grow a waterproof skin.  All this water is necessary for the operation of the Panama Canal; so in the big scheme of things, all these rivers flowing from the sky are beneficial to our economy.

However, It’s affecting our home’s walls.  Yesterday I noticed that the paint of our main living room wall is separating from the walls, caused by water filtering from the exterior.  We had fixed this problem two years ago, but apparently the problem continues.  I’m afraid we will have to break our piggy bank to get somebody to solve this problem before it augments.

I took a couple of shots about 5:00 p.m. yesterday late afternoon while the sun was setting in the west.  The leaks are very visible and increasing even as we speak.

Snapshots of our living room wall depicting the damage done by water filtering from the outside due to heavy precipitation during the month of September. The damage will surely increase as the rainfall intensifies. Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.
Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.

We are expecting more rain until mid December.  It is then when we will start repairing the damage on the walls.  Good Day.

2 thoughts on “Leaks”

  1. Up here in Mazatlan it’s called “salitre.” There is enough salt in the bricks and the sand used in the cement that capillary action from the ground during the rainy season leaches it out to the house interior. The result is decaying plaster and bubbling paint. After the rainy season you chip away the bad stuff, wash several times with acid, coat with a sealer and then paint. Good for about two years and then you do it all over again.

  2. Hello Mazbeach:

    Our cement is of good quality. In our case, the problem is caused by a defective construction work done by my neighbor which shares a wall with us. We will have to seal both sides of the wall in order to fix the problem. How much it will remain in good condition, I do not know.

    Thank you for your informative comment.


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