Rare Two-Dollar Bills

Yesterday afternoon, my nephew Alcibiades—the proud father of “The Twisters”—received two two-dollar bills from one of his customers.  As you probably know, Alcibiades drives a taxi in Panama City, Panama for a living.

He came home very excited waving the greenbacks as a trophy of war.  I haven’t seen one of these bills for ages.  I think the last one I saw was at my father’s store in Changuinola a trillion years ago.

Below are a couple of snapshots of the rare paper currency no longer in circulation in Panama.

Snapshot of a two-dollar bill rarely seen nowadays. It has the portrait of Thomas Jefferson, one the most famous founding fathers of the nation. Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.
The scene on the bill depicts the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776. Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.

14 thoughts on “Rare Two-Dollar Bills”

  1. What fun! I used to get two-dollar bills as gifts when I was a little girl, for Christmas or my birthday. I think they probably still were in circulation then, as you could get them at the bank. I have no idea what ever happened to the ones I had. I suppose I spent them!

  2. Morning Linda:

    Too bad you spent them. I think they are worth more than two dollars today. I told Alcibiades to hold on to them as a collector’s item.

    He wanted to give it to me as a present, but I told him to keep them for “The Twisters” as a legacy.



  3. Actually the $2 is still in circulation, but obviously there aren’t many of them and they aren’t a “desired currency.” According to the Bureau of Engraving and Printing there are over a billion dollars in circulating 2 dollar bills. The current series is “1996” which continues to be printed although in small numbers. Like the dollar coin, of which there are two sorta recent issues, people just won’t use them. On your next trip to the US go to one or two banks and ask them for a few $2 bills. Not all banks have them, but many do.

    1. There was no series 1996 – 1862, 1869, 1928,1953, 1963, 1976, 1995, 2003, 2009. Now 2013’s are being printed.

  4. I have one in my wallet right now, received as part of change a couple of days ago….they are rare now…maybe I need to hold on to it??LOL…making them even rarer…nah…l`ll use it to pay with , as it was designed to be

  5. And just checked, mine is ‘nere’ than series 1996, mine is 2009, so…yes they are still around and being used…(and if you wonder WHERE I am, I`m in Houston, Texas)

      1. Thanks omar, no not enough rain, we are a little short…but a friend of mine just relocated to Boquete 3 weeks ago after 43 yrs in Houston (he as I is from Sweden originally) and told me that already after 2 weeks he could stop taking his blood pressure meds, thats what life in Panama can do for you!
        I will visit him in the spring…it will be my 4th trip there…actually I am responsible for him moving as I brought him on my third trip a year ago.

        AND if interested I can see if I can get hold of more $2 bills if anyone there would want tehm…

        you can get me at my email :

  6. Bjorn,

    Boquete is one of the most beautiful spots in Panama as you are probably aware. The population of American expats is increasingly exponentially, even as we speak.

    As far as rain in concerned, we have so much of it we could share it with you all. We need abundance of rainfall to keep the Panama Canal operating. We have large tropical rain forests which act like giant water factories for the waterway. I know you know all of this information, and perhaps even better than me. 🙂

    Warm Regards,


    1. Yes Omar , I know of Boquetes beauty, i`ve also visited El Valle (de Anton), also very nice…and Boquete is not only receiving population from US expats , there seems to be people from everwhere…when I have been hiking I have met people from New Zeeland , Spain, Italy , Potugal, Denmark, Germany , Britain and on and on…Also I recently learnred something about Boquetes neighborhood santa Lucia , which I thoght was interesting as its a Swedish holiday , named after an Italian saint that we adopted into Swedish culture…we celebrate santa Lucia on Dec 13th ea year…”Lady of the light” (you can google more info) And when I came to the Santa Lucia neighbor hood, I realized there were parts of it that looked very much like parts of Swedish landscapes, then found out it was establishe , I think in 1950s when supposedly there was a larger Swedish population in boquete, they were helping building something , I think ASEA did it… but funny enough when you google Santa Luucia ,Boquete the map shows that it is called “Santa Lucia o Barriada de los Zuecos”…I know it probably should be los Suecos, but Clogs is kind of a nickname for swedes anyway as we often wear those……

      it prov=baly should be “los suecos”

  7. Bjorn,

    I had no idea that Boquete had morphed into a little United Nations. About six months ago I went for three days to a place called Finca Lérida in Alto Boquete to do a research project.

    The area was splendid. I visited a nearby waterfall, with abundance of birds and coffee plants. It was great getting away from the roaring crowd.

    I told you, maybe you had more information than I did from my own country, for crying out loud.

    I love El Valle too. Travel to this enchanting place regularly with my wife, since it’s not far away from Panama City, where we live.

    BTW, my e-mail address is: epiac1216@yahoo.com if you need to contact me in the future.

    Take Care,


  8. I have, tucked away somewhere, two one dollar silver certificates. They say that they will pay, “to the bearer on demand” two dollars in silver. These were used before the Federal Reserve Notes which don’t promise you one damn thing except that with inflation their value will decrease.

    In March 1964, Secretary of the Treasury C. Douglas Dillon halted redemption of silver certificates for coined silver dollars; during the following four years, silver certificates were redeemable in uncoined silver “granules.” All redemption in silver ceased on June 24, 1968. In the 1970s, large numbers of the remaining silver dollars in the mint vaults were sold to the collecting public for collector value.

    I got those silver certificates as payment for the fare for a ride on the Marlyn, the 300-passenger sight seeing boat I was captain of in Chicago in 1976 and have kept them all these years.

    1. they should sell for silver value, lots more worth than the $2.00 now as silver has skyrocketed the last few years…they are , must be, lots more worth today

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